by Shambreka Ward

Art the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination

Some say makeup isn’t a form of artistry, and if you’re only scrolling Instagram and Twitter, you just may feel that way.

Art is something that I feel can’t be critiqued. It’s your personal expression of your imagination, so how could anyone possibly criticize that? I say this to address the unnecessary judgement that’s become prevalent in all forms of art. I feel the very beauty of art is its ability to stimulate innovation and can sometimes make more impact than traditional academic intelligence. Art. It soothes. It releases joy and pain. It unites. It inspires. It speaks...speaks to the soul. For me, makeup artistry is an outlet. No matter how fast the relentless wheel of worry and uncertainty turns in my mind, I know I can turn to art, my art, to reinforce my gift and right to create. Unapologetically.