growth /ɡrōTH/

  1. the process of increasing in physical size.

  2. something that has grown or is growing.

Once upon a time I used to fear being alone.

Not necessarily alone romantically (I am more than willing to wait patiently for what is mine) but more of doing simple activities such as eating at restaurants or attending a special event. My mind couldn’t even possibly fathom the thought of traveling the world and exploring...alone!

But things change and so have I.

I recently celebrated 27 years of life and blessings and one of my personal pinnacle revelations was the growth and liberation of going for what you want even if that means you’re solo. I celebrated my birthday alone soaring through trees and sailing beautiful Lake Travis. Alloying myself to be uncomfortable made room for me to become more comfortable with my own company to sharp my appeal even greater interactions with others. I’m loving it! So the next time you think, “I don’t want to go by myself” ask yourself why and challenge yourself to not limit your experiences.