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by Myca Williamson

The countdown for Fashion X DFW has officially begun, and the FASH squad will be there to give you all the goodies coming down the runway and chatting with the masterminds behind them.

We are most excited about this year’s theme: South Asia. In a special “East Meets West” showcase, Fashion X Dallas founder Matt Swinney has curated a show featuring collections from Pakistan and India alongside Texas’ designers. (Totally epic, right?)

“I hope attendees can see themselves in some of the pieces or at least modified versions of them. I think they’ll also start to see some differences between Pakistani fashion and Indian fashion — most Americans probably don’t know the difference, but by the end of this show, they’ll start to see the subtleties,” Swinney said.

Some of the designers include couturier Varun Bahl, Austin-based Bridal Motif, Maryam Khizer, Rana Noman, Erum Khan, and Dallas-based Silk Threads by Ruby Bhandari.

“I am second generation Indian-American, and my cultural heritage plays a big role in all the pieces, which are being shown at Fashion X shows. I have taken the timeless hand-done embroidery concepts, intricate designs and beautiful fabrics from South Asia, and adapted them to the requirements of the North American customers,” Bhandari said. “My creative style has evolved over the years to customize the design at both ends of the spectrum - from a traditional ethnic bridal piece to a fun tunic the client can wear in her workplace.”

The festivities kick off on Saturday, Oct. 13, at 7 p.m. at sixtyfivehundred. Can’t make it? Peep the @fash.n story for all the behind-the-scenes with your favorite fashionistas.

“I think it will be impossible to NOT be inspired by this show. The fabrics truly are some of the most stunning I’ve ever personally seen. The hand beading, the feathers, the colors — it’s all just so incredibly beautiful,” Swinney said.

Get tickets and celebrate this ultimate marriage of culture and couture. We can’t wait to see you there!

photos courtesy of Fashion X Dallas, Leah Frazier