in·dulge allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of

by Myca Williamson

I'm not sure of the exact moment I fell in love with traveling this globe, but I can tell you it's a blazing romance I'll lust after forever. 

In March 2017, my daddy and I embarked on the most incredible journey to the end of the world. Literally. After 24 hours in the air and a 6-hour layover in New Zealand, we finally landed in Perth, Western Australia.

For two weeks, I left my work with the FASH ladies back home, prepared sub plans for my students, turned off nearly all social media and chose to delve into the newness of an experience I knew I'd never forget. I can honestly tell you that it felt weird not Snapchatting breakfast by the Indian Ocean, tweeting photos of our wine tours and cave visits or posting live music shows on my Instagram story. But, it was wildly exhilarating to simply live and experience. 

In a digital age, where our lives are inundated with constant updates and endless feeds, it's vital that we allow ourselves to genuinely be OK with indulging in life's most precious moments, even if that means being disconnected from the rest of the world to connect with yourself.