by Myca Williamson

Com·mu·nity a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals

When I think of myself Fearlessly Aspiring Something Higher, I can’t help but also envision the sisterhood that I’ve been blessed with. As it continues to grow, so does my desire to inspire as many young women as I can reach. The family of friends and mentors I’ve accumulated along this journey are phenomenal women who unknowingly push me to become a more active leader and positive influence in my community.

At the Forward Magazine pre-launch on Feb. 18, I was beyond humbled to see so many of our supporters and contributors not only delving into the pages of The Individualist Issue but also empowering and building up one another. In an industry that often capitalizes on competition and feeds off rivalry, F.A.S.H simply welcomes comradery and collaboration.

So, here’s to celebrating with a badass tribe of leaders and creators. Get your tickets to the launch of Issue TWO at midnight! We look Forward to seeing you there :)