by Rachael Patterson

Ex·per·i·ence to encounter or undergo (an event or occurence)

You know that feeling you get right after you’ve been anticipating and preparing for something? All the pressure has accumulated in your chest and stomach, and you feel kind of like you might get sick. Then, all at once, the moment arrives. You feel a strange calm, like a gentle breeze after a tidal wave. And I must say, the result is pretty euphoric.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 12.34.01 PM-1.jpg

I was definitely riding that wave last Saturday as the F.A.S.H Squad met Saturday to prep for the launch of our second magazine. In fact, when I think about it, I’ve actually been riding this wave since the first production for The Individualist Issue. Maybe even since the first brainstorming meeting. You should see the madness that comes from our brains.

However, the overwhelming emotion never fails to hit me right up until the 24-hour mark. And then I’m stressing. Although, this time I will say my tidal wave might have been more of a tsunami, but my gentle breeze has got to be one most satisfying.

Friends, family and special guests gathered to commemorate four hardworking individuals whose mission was to find other individuals who stand apart and brilliantly showcase their work.

Sweetbeat sponsored a good time! We drank, we ate and we laughed. We shared a great memory.