by Myca Williamson

em·pow·er make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights


I once asked for strength,

But He gave me too much. 

I didn't know I'd have to carry the world.


I once asked to forgive,

And now my heart is too big.

Who knew it could ache like this?


I once asked for thick skin,

To protect me when I'm scared. 

I didn't know I'd be grazing bullets.


I once asked for rain

To grow beyond belief. 

But I forgot the mud came too. 


I once asked to be brave,

Fearless feats and no doubts. 

I forgot about the angst of battle.  


I once asked for truth,

Enlightenment of the unknown. 

But now I bear the burden of honesty. 


I once asked for love,

And now my soul is smitten. 

I didn't know this haven existed. 


I once asked to feel,

Nostalgia bleeding from my being.

But now I wish to be numb.


Then, I asked for the key to happiness,

To unleash my daring dreams. 

It was in my pocket all along. 

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