by Shambreka Ward

pro·gress a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage

When people call themselves a “starving artist”, believe them. It’s a thing, and it’s been my life recently. Chasing your dreams isn’t easy, and it’s definitely not the road less traveled, but it is oh so worth it.

I’m making progress.

From the humble beginnings of the nostalgic Coastal Scents 88-piece eyeshadow kit to the ever so popular Anastasia line of sleek and modern palettes, I’m making progress.

I started with mastering eyeliner and graduated to perfecting a flawless complexion. I’m making progress.

From the self-doubt of “What the hell are you even doing? That looks terrible!” to “You got this, Sham.” I’m making progress.

And, I couldn’t be more proud.

I’ve always believed in working for brands that exude real and raw artistry. Brands that celebrate the individualist and embrace the masses. I finally found that in MAC. With my new management position, I have the opportunity to expand my artistry and help people in the best way I know how: by making them FEEL beautiful.

I’m a MAC girl now! Yaaaaasssssss!