by Myca Williamson

re·lease allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free

As a writer and feminist, I enjoy embracing the sense of pride and strength that comes with being confident in my intellect and sexuality. I keep a digital journal of pieces that just make me feel free and unapologetically woman, because I believe it’s vital to tap into the intricacies of our beautiful minds and royal bodies. So here’s a little something… enjoy, queens (and kings).

As you tongue down the anatomy of my thoughts…


Undress the layers of my psyche,

Arouse my nastiest notions,

Caress my pretty flaws, and

Kiss my cares away.


Spread my love wide open,

Finger my inspirations,

Mount my mind’s mischief,

Stroke the distress of my desires, and

Thrust into the ecstasy of knowledge.


Over and over again.