by Myca Williamson

ro•mance a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love; a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.

The beauty of being in love is not about the person you come to cherish. It’s about the person you become when you know what the freedom to feel is like. This is for you.


photo by Rachael Patterson


Crave it you must,

Because we can't live without. 

Kisses as light as dust,

Space lingers between our mouths. 


Shaken by a moment,

I don't want to rewind. 

The only direction is up,

Don't leave me behind. 


Rarities of truth,

Like gems your soul glistens. 

Invite me to your heart,

I promise I'll listen. 


Through this hazy Galaxy,

I'm floating with no guide. 

My feelings on display,

There's nowhere to hide. 


Delicate as petals,

Or a butterfly's wing. 

Protect me in your song,

Together we sing.


Turn the volume higher,

A soundtrack for earth to hear. 

Bass thumping in my chest,

But not because I fear. 


It's pacing quite fast,

Put my heart to a halt.

We never could've planned this,

So no one's at fault.  


I'll assure your minds ease,

Mon chérie, just trust. 

I can provide the kiss of life,

This isn't just lust. 


Fine tune each detail,

We have to get it right. 

Baby, love takes time,

Nothing happens overnight. 


His blessing upon you,

Don't question the divine. 

You know the real answer,

And it lies in your mind.