by Rachael Patterson

col·lab·o·rate work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something.

I was recently DM-ed by a model I have been watching for quite some time. Everything from her aesthetic to her posing to her personality caught my attention, even though I only knew her through a social media app. So when she hit me up to do some collaborative work, I was all for it.

And she was all I could ever ask for in a model. Fluid, active on set, willing to do anything for the shot, Rane Mayer was a personal sunshine cast into my lens (as if it wasn’t hot enough already here in Texas, y’all,) She walked on set as professionally and collected as she could, and through beads of sweat and sticky clothes, produces some fire ass content on my screen. It’s been a while since I’ve worked outside of my comfort zone I know as my FASH babes, and it was the best experience I could ask for!

A word of wisdom from Rane:

“Modeling to me is just being uncomfortable.”

“I’m like, just shut up and do it, you’re getting paid and there are plenty of [models] who can replace you.”

“I think communication is key to being a good photographer.” (something I’m actually working on but she complimented me at, HA)