by Rachael Patterson

crafts·man·ship1. skill in a particular craft. 2. the quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry.

We’re three productions away from completing most all of the content for Issue 3.

And we’re very proud to say that you guys are not ready for the fire we are about to bestow on the public. You won’t be expecting any of it.

However, what you can expect to see are a few carry-over pieces from Issues 1 & 2, like A Letter, Ted Talkin’, and more, including Creative Minds, a piece I dedicated to artists who found a way to take typical mediums and make them their own. Here’s a quick look at of the younger artists I will introduce in Issue 3.


Mateus Moura is 23 years old and spends his free time oil painting and experimenting with other mediums. Through his work, he displays his spirituality and often tells stories of his personal journeys. You can catch him at Goldmark Culture Center, where he has is own studio space and displays his art beautifully.

by Rachael Patterson