by Myca Williamson

mel·a·nin any of various black, dark brown, reddish brown, or yellow pigments of animal or plant structures

There is power in my pigment. A power so mighty, even generations of slavery, discrimination, hatred and injustice can't weaken its tenacity. 

There is bravery in my blackness. We are a people so brave, even whips, chains and bullets can't murder our legacies.

There is strength in my skin. We are a people so resilient, even centuries of genocide, rape and sanctions on our freedom can't extinguish our fire.

There is mercy in my melanin. A mercy so Goddamn forgiving, even mass incarceration, cultural appropriation and systematic racism can't keep us from pushing forward for change.

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Why do you love being black?

"I love being black, because every other race wants all we got except the color of our skin. They want our swag, our dance, our music, our intelligence (inventions that have changed the world), our athletic prowess, our hips, our lips, our braids, every fucking thing except the challenge of dealing with the every day bullshit of RACISM."

"The resilience and strength that comes from the history of black people. We are strong despite the everyday struggles we have to do deal with."

"What I love most about it is the challenge. Overcoming the challenge. No matter what wall they put in front of you, you shatter that motherfucker. The look on their faces when they see and think, 'how the hell did they do that when they have all of those barriers?' It's the fight. The black man is GOD. The fact that I can be as successful as anyone and have all the ODDS against me is why I love it. That's pure blackness that know one can ever take away."

"The fact that black people have their hands in the background of things such as inventions and creation of cultural pride we don’t get credit for."

"I love being black, because we are resilient when the odds are often against us. I love that we come in so many variations of skin tones, yet we can identify each other. Personally, being black gives me a presence in a room where I hardly see anyone that looks like me. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, Boo."

"I love being black, because of the unique experiences we all share that makes us all family."

"I love being black, because I feel power by being a strong black woman. The obstacles that we have and continue to overcome is unheard of in any other race. I can handle any curve thrown my way and never have felt like giving up on life. And it is so funny how everyone wants to be black so bad; cornrows, big lips, big hips, darker skin tones."

"I love being black, because it’s like an advantage that the rest of world wants you to believe isn’t one. Black people are so fucking awesome, and EVERYBODY wants to be us. We can dance. We got style. We have conviction. Determination. We’re strong. Beautiful. Versatile. If you look at social media now, that’s what everybody wants to be. Some type of black or be as close to it as possible. I love being black, because that means I’m born with all those things. I don’t have to be a pretender. Being black is literally magic to me."