mo·ti·vate: ˈmōdəˌvāt/

to stimulate (someone's) interest in or enthusiasm for doing something.

As a makeup artist, your creativity and art form is expected to constantly evolve and stay fresh and it should. But that isn’t always how life works.

Since I’ve taken on a leadership role in the cosmetic world, I have had to learn to adapt...adapt to different personalities, art styles and forms, and the toughest of them all...motivation. How does one keep a team of creatives AND themselves motivated and inspired?! It’s a juggling game I’ve come accustomed to playing (and still in the game might I add) but in that process, I’ve learned something else....relax and enjoy the arts again! With such a saturation of beauty influences, it can be hard to maintain your drive or confidence in your work.


In working with my artists, I have been truly captivated and inspired by their minds and how they translate art. That motivates me. To watch the uncomfortable discovery of a weakness and turning it into a strength. That motivates me.

So the next time you feel in a rut or stuck--seek motivation in whatever way you can because it won’t always find you.

Words by Shambreka Ward. Photos Courtesy of @vanessaglamorous and @ctrl_alt_dani.