by Rachael Patterson

ov·er·come to succeed in dealing with (a problem or difficulty)


Last week on Word Up, we relaxed with a playlist dedicated to being Open. Today, I want to be open about something a little personal but that I know we all can mostly relate to in some form or fashion: anxiety.

Now-a-days it’s almost taboo NOT to have anxiety, a disease riddling our generation and that I believe is being wrongfully diagnosed and treated. Luckily, I trust my doctor not to dope me up for a paycheck or act like I’m perfectly normal and kick me out of her office. I, personally, have been diagnosed with chemically imbalanced depression, partial insomnia, anxiety and am prone to psychotic breakdowns. Yes, psychotic; and yes, I’ve had several. That’s quite a bit to digest for a lot of people who are actually only suffering from #firstworldproblems.

I’m not writing to boo hoo or throw a pity party for myself. I’m telling you, because I stopped taking medicine and found something that works better for me. And that’s breaking boundaries. Testing the waters. Taking risks. Disturbing my comfort zone. Spontaneous acts (although some healthier than others) have all been helping factors.

Getting out of my shell and modeling was a HUGE thing for me. I can’t stand for a camera to be on me. I literally tense up and get anxious. However, slowly but surely I warmed up to playing model. So here’s a look at my newfound skill.

Cheers to overcoming mental fears and trying new things.

photos by Steven Haddad