by Rachael Patterson

el·e·gance quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner; style; the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple; neatness.

I’m very aware that fashion has an immense amount grey space when it comes to purpose; There’s no black and white on representation or appropriation. The only fine lines and boundaries you see are in stitching and seams. However, I personally am still suspicious of disrespect towards other cultures, regardless of its innocence over ignorance (some would say those things go hand in hand, anyways).

But as guests flowed through the doors at sixtyfivehundred, the ambience and atmosphere took a wonderful course. Every other greeting I watched was a warm embrace between two or more, laughter was bouncing off every surface in the room, happiness and excitement were tossed around like confetti, and everyone was bowing to the brilliance of the beautiful fashion of Southeast Asia. And as models started to hit the runway, I was instantly on my knees too (to bow and to take pictures). Bright colors dancing around, lengths upon lengths of fabric, garments that bounced around hips, skirts that floated like feathers, jewels and beads that glistened, stitching that grew like flowers into intricate patterns, and a roster of models of all cultural backgrounds were captivating. Each designer brought a unique and gorgeous line to the runway. My jaw was dropping with every click of my camera.

Two hours of exceptional pieces gracing the rugged concrete floors passed all too quickly. My regards and respects to all the designers who poured their time, efforts, hard work and hearts into each and every detail of the show. And a huge shout out to Leah Frazier, who invited the FASH Squad to the this epic event!

Check out more of these phenomenal designers and don’t forget to follow @fashionx!


by Rachael Patterson

lim·it·less without limit; boundless

Riley and I played with some architecture last Thursday, and the lines and symmetry and contrast between light and shadow was so satisfying to watch as she moved around the structure. It was almost as if the organized beams of metal were trying to form a cage around her, and her free spirit was breaking through.

It was a vivid reminder for me. To test your boundaries. Push the limits. Reach beyond your comfort zone. Let nothing hold you back, and never be afraid of what’s next. So long as you’re trying, you’re winning.


by Myca Williamson

move·ment 1. a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas; 2. an act of changing physical location or position or of having this changed

Ariel Monticure and Abby Marchesseault; photo by Rachael Patterson

Ariel Monticure and Abby Marchesseault; photo by Rachael Patterson

Movement 1:

It began with just a spark. A spark of joyful madness that ushered me into this idea that has become F.A.S.H. From the very shitty lessons learned to our unimaginable feats, Fearlessly Aspiring Something Higher has become a tiny, yet mighty, powerhouse of women whose hunger and drive is pretty damn limitless.

Because of our desire to build, grow and connect with other creatives, we have formed the most precious bonds with inspiring humans from all around the world and in our very own city of Dallas. 

Movement 2:

Forward Magazine opens with a very special editorial featuring the dance project Avoir Motion's founding members Ariel Monticure and Abby Marchesseault. The piece titled "Press Play" is more than just a celebration of dance. It honors the work of two artists seeking to inspire and enlighten their communities through dance. Check out our IG page to see the them both in action in a special film produced by the F.A.S.H squad. #celebrateForward

Follow Monticure and Marchesseault @avoirmotion on Instagram and Twitter! 

Follow Monticure and Marchesseault @avoirmotion on Instagram and Twitter! 


by Myca Williamson

Com·mu·nity a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals

When I think of myself Fearlessly Aspiring Something Higher, I can’t help but also envision the sisterhood that I’ve been blessed with. As it continues to grow, so does my desire to inspire as many young women as I can reach. The family of friends and mentors I’ve accumulated along this journey are phenomenal women who unknowingly push me to become a more active leader and positive influence in my community.

At the Forward Magazine pre-launch on Feb. 18, I was beyond humbled to see so many of our supporters and contributors not only delving into the pages of The Individualist Issue but also empowering and building up one another. In an industry that often capitalizes on competition and feeds off rivalry, F.A.S.H simply welcomes comradery and collaboration.

So, here’s to celebrating with a badass tribe of leaders and creators. Get your tickets to the launch of Issue TWO at midnight! We look Forward to seeing you there :)