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by Myca Williamson

move·ment 1. a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas; 2. an act of changing physical location or position or of having this changed

Ariel Monticure and Abby Marchesseault; photo by Rachael Patterson

Ariel Monticure and Abby Marchesseault; photo by Rachael Patterson

Movement 1:

It began with just a spark. A spark of joyful madness that ushered me into this idea that has become F.A.S.H. From the very shitty lessons learned to our unimaginable feats, Fearlessly Aspiring Something Higher has become a tiny, yet mighty, powerhouse of women whose hunger and drive is pretty damn limitless.

Because of our desire to build, grow and connect with other creatives, we have formed the most precious bonds with inspiring humans from all around the world and in our very own city of Dallas. 

Movement 2:

Forward Magazine opens with a very special editorial featuring the dance project Avoir Motion's founding members Ariel Monticure and Abby Marchesseault. The piece titled "Press Play" is more than just a celebration of dance. It honors the work of two artists seeking to inspire and enlighten their communities through dance. Check out our IG page to see the them both in action in a special film produced by the F.A.S.H squad. #celebrateForward

Follow Monticure and Marchesseault @avoirmotion on Instagram and Twitter! 

Follow Monticure and Marchesseault @avoirmotion on Instagram and Twitter! 


by Myca Williamson

Com·mu·nity a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals

When I think of myself Fearlessly Aspiring Something Higher, I can’t help but also envision the sisterhood that I’ve been blessed with. As it continues to grow, so does my desire to inspire as many young women as I can reach. The family of friends and mentors I’ve accumulated along this journey are phenomenal women who unknowingly push me to become a more active leader and positive influence in my community.

At the Forward Magazine pre-launch on Feb. 18, I was beyond humbled to see so many of our supporters and contributors not only delving into the pages of The Individualist Issue but also empowering and building up one another. In an industry that often capitalizes on competition and feeds off rivalry, F.A.S.H simply welcomes comradery and collaboration.

So, here’s to celebrating with a badass tribe of leaders and creators. Get your tickets to the launch of Issue TWO at midnight! We look Forward to seeing you there :)


by Shambreka Ward

Joy a feeling of great pleasure and happiness

Since our humble beginnings in 2015, F.A.S.H has been a joy to develop and grow. From early mornings to late nights, slaving over concepts, wardrobe, and color schemes, it somehow never felt like work. That’s when I knew I had found my true sense of joy.


Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Joy lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not in the victory itself.” These words really shook me and helped me realize that you have to trust the process and redirect your initial definition and expectations of the root of true joy. Joy should come from the struggle AND the triumph. So, in everything I do and strive to be, joy must be at the core. It’s my hope that our creation reaches heights we could never imagine and ignites an unstoppably wild fire of joy not just within ourselves but in everyone that wants to fearlessly aspire to something higher.


by Rachael Patterson

Cel·e·brate to observe a day or commemorate an event ceremonies or festivities

And we will be both observing and commemorating something extremely special on March 3. Forward Magazine is launching Issue 2 (as I’m sure you’ve seen us boast about on all our social medias). Even though we had our ups and downs, we’re way too excited to share another momentous success with our supporters and readers! So in honor of our upcoming celebration, I’m sharing some special behind-the-scenes shots of one of our largest editorials! HUGE thanks to Brendan and Kelli Ahern of Nine Photography for collaborating with us on Ode to Color!

Be sure to check out their work on Instagram @ninephotography and their website

And be sure to #celebrateforward with us! Last day to buy your tickets is February 16th!


by Shambreka Ward

Art the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination

Some say makeup isn’t a form of artistry, and if you’re only scrolling Instagram and Twitter, you just may feel that way.

Art is something that I feel can’t be critiqued. It’s your personal expression of your imagination, so how could anyone possibly criticize that? I say this to address the unnecessary judgement that’s become prevalent in all forms of art. I feel the very beauty of art is its ability to stimulate innovation and can sometimes make more impact than traditional academic intelligence. Art. It soothes. It releases joy and pain. It unites. It inspires. It speaks...speaks to the soul. For me, makeup artistry is an outlet. No matter how fast the relentless wheel of worry and uncertainty turns in my mind, I know I can turn to art, my art, to reinforce my gift and right to create. Unapologetically.