by Rachael Patterson

lim·it·less without limit; boundless

Riley and I played with some architecture last Thursday, and the lines and symmetry and contrast between light and shadow was so satisfying to watch as she moved around the structure. It was almost as if the organized beams of metal were trying to form a cage around her, and her free spirit was breaking through.

It was a vivid reminder for me. To test your boundaries. Push the limits. Reach beyond your comfort zone. Let nothing hold you back, and never be afraid of what’s next. So long as you’re trying, you’re winning.


by Rachael Patterson

Cel·e·brate to observe a day or commemorate an event ceremonies or festivities

And we will be both observing and commemorating something extremely special on March 3. Forward Magazine is launching Issue 2 (as I’m sure you’ve seen us boast about on all our social medias). Even though we had our ups and downs, we’re way too excited to share another momentous success with our supporters and readers! So in honor of our upcoming celebration, I’m sharing some special behind-the-scenes shots of one of our largest editorials! HUGE thanks to Brendan and Kelli Ahern of Nine Photography for collaborating with us on Ode to Color!

Be sure to check out their work on Instagram @ninephotography and their website

And be sure to #celebrateforward with us! Last day to buy your tickets is February 16th!