worth [wərTH] :

good or important enough to justify (what is specified)

having a value of, or equal in value to, as in money

having property to the value or amount of

It took me a long time to get to wear I am, mentally. I grew up in a great family, nice home, good school, had a lot of friends, the whole nine yards. But I didn’t have the mental state that I wanted. I was depressed, I hated the way i looked and acted, I was never happy or content. I had everything a stable teenager needed to grow up happy, but that didn’t keep me from putting a gun to my head at 16 and trying to jump out of a moving vehicle at 18. I wanted to disappear.

And of course, I still have ups and downs. Life doesn’t get easier and sometimes things don’t get better. But I do believe in second chances and I do believe in never giving up. I do believe that you can find your self-worth if you search hard enough and to always fight for what you want. These things helped me find mine. Photography, writing, drawing, and now FASH. Sometimes you might feel worthless, but if you get back up and find things that are worth something to you, it helps you find the worth in yourself.

Words by Rachel Patterson